Every event takes a tremendous amount of planning, coordination and resources.

There are so many ways one can add to the success of programs. Whether it’s in planning or PR and advertisement. It can be in shopping, set up and clean up. Maybe you have a special talent or would like to host.

We hope to grow our group of volunteers and create committees for our different programs.  

If you are interested in helping, please let us know that you would like to sign up for our volunteers E-mail group.


Seniors and the Homebound     Elderly

There are many people in our community who are seniors, living alone or in a senior facility, that would greatly benefit from an extra visit. Family cannot always visit as often as desired, and not always is there someone else to supplement those visits. We match volunteers with seniors or the home bound for a visit, bringing joy and a sense of caring to many.

We will also be preparing packages to give out to the seniors. Homemade Challah, pre-holiday gifts and cards.

Contact us to volunteer for this program and/or if you know of any home-bound seniors or seniors residing in the local senior residences that would benefit from this program.

The same applies if you know a friend that is sick and can use an extra visit. We will go or find a volunteer to bring them comfort and love.