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Oftentimes, “whatever” best sums up what you feel about your job, friends, or hobbies. But here’s the thing: There really is no such thing as “whatever” in life, for life is synonymous with passion and energy. And you must choose where to invest it before it chooses you.

Jan 23 2020


When our lives are filled with unity and hope, the light shines brightly. But when we are alone and there is little hope, just darkness remains. Just how bad is darkness, and what can we do to avoid it?    

Week of Jan 30 2020


We all love Shabbat. It’s a time to rest, recalibrate, pray, and of course, eat. But did you know that there’s another meal after Shabbat ends? Discover the ins and outs of this ancient tradition, and how it holds the key to realizing the magic of Shabbat throughout the week.

Week of Feb 2 2020


We are constantly faced with moral dilemmas, sometimes so complex, every option seems worse than the next. How can we best navigate the moral mazes of life? The answer lies in an ancient multi-generational narrative that moves from Abraham to Amalek.  

Feb 13 2020


A goring ox is sold to a new owner, and “Poof!” it becomes a tame calf once again. What’s the secret? Discover a radical and effective approach to self-improvement in the Torah’s lesser known discussions of mad cows and property law.

Week of Feb 20 2020


“Every day set aside half an hour to tend to the education of your children!” declared the Rebbe. With an unorthodox set of graven images in the Holy of Holies for a backdrop, this class explores what it means to invest in Jewish education.

Week of Feb 27 2020


It feels great to be part of a herd. Much comfort comes from belonging to a community, especially a collective with an inspiring leader. However, there comes a time when you must step aside and take responsibility for who you are as an individual. The good news? You emerge far better and stronger.

Mar 5 2020


“The Jews don’t fit in. They’re different.” The historical accusation has merit, doesn’t it? Are we not different in beliefs, dress, and in myriad other ways? How do we answer this charge? In the Purim story, the paradigm of antisemitism, we find the unexpected answer.

Week of Mar 8 2020


Is there some thread that binds the Jerusalem Temple’s golden candelabra, the gleaming headplates worn by high priests, and a hidden library of ancient scrolls in the Dead Sea region? A fascinating look at history, scientific discovery and the weight of tradition.

Mar 19 2020


There are fewer things more diametrically opposite than body and soul. Yet, they are tasked with working together. In this lesson, we learn that the Afikomen isn’t just a thing you steal at the end of the Seder for a new X-box—it’s a primer of how to be a religious pro: to do what you love and love what you do.

Mar 26 2020


At the dawn of their birth, the Jewish nation was gifted with two mitzvot—offering the Paschal Lamb and the rite of circumcision. The deeper significance of these two mitzvot leads us to discover the key to successful, healthy living: the most important moment is the present—precisely because it is so closely tethered to the past and the future.   

April 2 2020