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Class 1 September 5 2019 
Sages vs. Scripture
Where Does the Bible End, and the Rabbis Begin?
As anyone with basic Jewish literacy knows, the Rabbis came up with a lot of stuff. And we mean A LOT. So what's the deal? Are the Rabbis just an extension of the Torah? But aren't they mere mortals? And why were they making up so much stuff anyway? Discover the rules of the game in this intriguing class.
Class 1 Wednesday September 11 2019 
It's My Body, I Can Do What I Want!
Wrong. It's Not Your Body. Proceed Accordingly
It's all skin and bones, right? No! In this joyful ride, we learn that our bodies are something uniquely special, perhaps more so than our very souls. But before you hit the gym, take a moment to discover the spiritual energy in that body and do your best to unleash it.
Class 1 September 19 2019 
Herd Mentality is Bad. Joining Minds is Incredible
Chassidic Fabrengens Are the Original Group Therapy
Listen, we all have issues. But the good news is that your issues are probably not exactly the same as the next person's issues. That's where getting together comes in: It's a powerful tool for recovery, inspiration, and direction. A one-off gathering on two dusty hilltops in the Judean desert brought home that message to the nascent Jewish people.
Class 1 September 26 2019 
Repentance Shouldn't be Scary. Try it on For Size
How a Achieve a Joyful High Holidays in 30 Days or Less
That picture of a Jew crying in the corner, bitterly remorseful about his or her past misdeeds is, agreeably, a scary one. But it's also counterintuitive what happened to positive reinforcement? Find out how to ace repentance this season, and come out happier for it.
Class 1 October 3 2019 
Broken Promises
Kol Nidreis Message of Hope
Of all things, the Yom Kippur prayers start with the cancellation of vows. Couldn't we choose something a little more inspiring? Discover the fascinating historical background to this ancient tradition and the reason why Kol Nidrei is the perfect opening pitch.
Class 1  October 10 2019 
A Snafu about Corfu
The Search for the Authentic Etrog
Some centuries ago, a great controversy arose in Europe: Was the beautiful etrog from the island of Corfu the preferred specimen for use on sukkot, or was it unfit for use entirely? Get involved in one the most heated and intriguing rabbinic debates in recent history.