Daily Study

Weekly Torah Study                               

 Jewish Tradition is rich in ideas, anecdotes, and information that will enrich your life and empower you in your personal and social life. Weekly study of the Torah portion is a powerful way to connect with timely messages and creative ideas that will make your week more meaningful and more purposeful.

Join us for our Weekly Torah Study & Discussion Group as we learn, analyze and explore the weekly Torah Portion and its timely messages.

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TalmudWith life as hectic as it is and with the many responsibilities that we all have, it is sometimes tough to get out to the classes, or sometimes there is just a nicer feel or more personal touch when you do it on your own turf or space with your friends or family. For this reason the Chabad offers to bring Torah Classes and Discussions to your home and office.
We offer multiple formats for this but we are always open to new ideas. Some of what we offer are below.
You pick the Topic & Location
1. Lunch and Learn - In the privacy of own office either individually or with a group.
2. Class or Discussion of topic of your choice in your own home with your own circle of friends on a weekday evening or other time of your choice.
3. Family Learning in your own home - A short inclusive family discussion or holiday activity.
For more info email us at chabademeryville@gmail.com